Turin-based company expands its presence abroad and opens a HUB in Timisoara

Timisoara – says Ivan Senatore – is a strategic HUB to manage the huge flow of goods arriving and departing daily from and to Italy.

Italy is the first foreign country in terms of number of companies in Romania, followed by Germany. Bilateral trade accounts for 9.7% of Romania’s total trade, placing Italy at the second place in the ranking of partner countries, both for exports and imports. The bilateral trade balance remains fairly balanced, with EUR 6.67 billion in exports and EUR 7.18 billion in imports, with a value of bilateral trade of EUR 13.85 billion in 2020.

While 25 years ago, after the fall of Ceaucescu’s regime, Italian companies were chasing the phenomenon of often wild relocations in the manufacturing sector, today the race of Italians is led by services and the tertiary sector. With the new millennium, the face of Italian entrepreneurship in Romania has changed. The availability of European funds and investments in infrastructure have attracted new businesses and today there is great potential for development in certain sectors, such as green technologies, digital, the automotive industry, the circulating economy, cultural and creative industries, eco-tourism, the health and personal care sector – to name but a few.

For J&L, opening a HUB in Romania means creating new business opportunities and being able to count on a strategic platform for both international and domestic trade. A few weeks ago, it became widely known that Romania is going through a transport crisis: there is a shortage of 45,000 drivers (out of a total of 305,000 higher licences) and from 2019 the government is implementing a programme to recruit them outside the EU. The arrival of our fleets can be an important help for all companies that are currently delaying deliveries because of this crisis.

We chose Timisoara as our base of operations because its strategic location will allow us easy connections within the country and with the group’s other European HUBs in France, Poland and Italy.

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