Although ravaged by war, Ukraine is still a strategic production and industrial hub for many sectors. This is why J&L trasporti, thanks to its experience in countries that are or have been the scene of war, is currently involved in the transport of humanitarian aid, also in collaboration with SERMIG of Turin, but has also set itself up to offer companies the logistics and assistance necessary for import-export to and from the Ukraine.
Before the war, Italy and Ukraine had a close network of exchanges. According to data from ICE, the agency for the internationalisation of Italian companies, before the war Italy was the second largest exporter of goods to Ukraine among EU countries, with a share of 3.9%, preceded by Germany (9.9%) and followed by France (2.7%) and Spain (1.3%). Italy exported to Ukraine mainly machinery and equipment (EUR 399 million in 2020, latest available data), tobacco (152), chemicals (147), clothing (129), food products (125); it imported mainly metal products (964 million) and – to a much lesser extent – food products (292) and agricultural products (250).
To understand how important it is to promote the country’s logistics, it should be remembered that Ukraine is a heavily industrialised country:

  • 1st in Europe in ammonia production;
  • 4th largest natural gas pipeline system in the world (142.5 billion cubic metres of gas flow capacity in the EU);
  • 3rd in Europe and 8th in the world in installed nuclear power plant capacity;
  • 3rd in Europe and 11th in the world for length of rail network (21,700 km);
  • 3rd in the world (after the USA and France) in the production of locators and tracking equipment;
  • 3rd largest iron exporter in the world
  • 4th largest exporter of turbines for nuclear power stations in the world;
  • 4th largest manufacturer of rocket launchers in the world
  • 4th largest clay exporter in the world
  • 4th in the world in exports of titanium
  • 8th place in the world in exports of ores and concentrates
  • 9th in the world in exports of defence industry products;
  • 10th largest steel producer in the world (32.4 million tonnes).

Another key aspect to be managed is sea logistics: with the outbreak of war, all commercial ports in Ukraine stopped operating, but the Black Sea remains a key crossroads for trade between Russia, Central Asia and the Mediterranean.
For the transport of goods by sea, made difficult by the geopolitical situation, J&L Trasporti offers the availability of a customs warehouse (Free zone) at the port of Constanza in Romania, a strategic logistics base alternative to the port of Odessa.

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